Christopher Van Dyke

Christopher Van Dyke

I teach Computers & Technology at Magee Middle School. The program combines computer applications with engineering problems. Students cycle through modules in the 7th and 8th grades.

People always want to see my brothers and me (I'm an identical triplet) so here's my family! Also, here is my resume.


Technology Curriculum

You can download and modify some modules (ClarisWorks 2.1 for Mac)!




-Computer Drawing
-Computer Painting
-HyperCard Programming
-Egg Packaging
-Pinhole Cameras

-Internet Basics
-Desktop Publishing
-LEGO Machines
-Cardboard Car
-Computer Graphics

-Web Page Authoring
-Health & Wellness
-Career Exploration
-Computer Aided Design (CAD)
-Digital Photography
-Computer Aided Mfg. (CAM)
-LEGO Pneumatics


-Audio Production
-Digital Video Editing
-Stop-Action Animation
-Electronics Fundamentals
-BASIC Programming (*NEW*)
-Robix Robotics Kit (*NEW*)
-CO2 Car
-Poser 3-D Imaging (*NEW*)

-HyperStudio (*NEW*)
-Opening Night Theater (*NEW*)
-DTP Advanced (*NEW*)
-MIDI Digital Music (*NEW*)
-Photo 1 (shooting)
-Photo II (scanning)
*Keyboarding (3 weeks)
*Web Pages (2 weeks)


Room Layout

Click here for a Quicktime VR panoramic shot of the classroom!

Technology Lab (room #207)

Magee Middle School:

Magee Middle School


My favorite places on the web:

SEDS Astronomy Site
Tucson Weekly
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Real Audio Home Page (streaming radio/video over the Internet!)
Mac Orchard (Essential Mac Internet Software)

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