Van Dyke Family

Pictures from my parents' 40th wedding anniversary/
father's 80th Birthday (2002)

Milton & Sylvia

Brooke, Byron, Nina and Me (singing)

Back Row: Russell, Martha, Eric, Nadienne, Nina, Byron, Lily
Middle Row: Amber, Milton, Sylvia
Bottom Row: Brooke, Daryl, Elizabeth, Christopher
(Red=Van Dyke)

The Van Dykes (1994?)

Van Dykes circa 1994


The Van Dykes (1971?)

Van Dykes circa 1971


Here are a couple of shots from Mt. Lemmon, some cacti, and a dragonfly in my garden (Tucson, Summer '98)






Finally, here's my friend John biking at the Buenas Aires Nature Preserve near Mexico.  Here's my mutt, T-Bone (December, '98) and T-Bone with Robbie, by black lab, August 2002) and my two scooters ('65 Honda Cub C-65 and '81 Honda C70).

Robbie, 1992-2004


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