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'00- Instructional Technology Training (T.U.S.D.) Tucson, AZ
Technology Integration Specialist
District-wide -- Coordinating Technology Literacy, Summer Administrator, and Summer Network Technician workshops. Training teachers in technology integration (Windows NT/98/95, Office, MacOS, AppleWorks, assorted software). Curriculum Liason to middle school. Member of instructional web team (http://instech.tusd.k12.az.us).



'95-'99 Magee Middle School (T.U.S.D.) Tucson, AZ
Technology/Computer Teacher
Designing original modular program in technology and computer education for 6th, 7th, & 8th graders. Setting up and coordinating web site (http://www.seds.org/~cvandyke/framed.html). Presenter: AZ Vocational Conference and TUSD inservices. Instructor, TUSD Summer Technology Institute (1997, 1998, and 1999).

'93-'95 Hohokam Middle School (T.U.S.D.) Tucson, AZ
Computer Teacher/Trainer
Instructing 7th-grade students in basic computer applications, including ClarisWorks and HyperCard. Teacher inservicing and support. Coordinating integration of telecomm. in the curriculum [libraries, BBSes, Internet]. Served on Learning Lab Committee for T.U.S.D.

'91-'93 Hohokam Middle School (T.U.S.D.) Tucson, AZ
Network Lab Technician (classified position)
Assisting curriculum assessment and development. Publishing of Chapter 1 newsletter. Responsible for upkeep of networked Mac labs and ][e's on campus.

'91-'93 Princeton Review. San Jose, CA & Tucson, AZ
Instructor & Teacher Trainer.
SAT & GRE Prep. Teaching SAT & GRE preparation classes in math, verbal & analytic.

'91 Los Altos High School. Los Altos, CA
Economics Teacher
Designing and implementing an original course involving text, video and computers.

'90-'91 Mountain View H.S., Los Altos H.S., Gunn H.S. Bay Area, CA
Substitute Teacher
English and Social Studies, grades 9-12.

'89 Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School. Cambridge, MA
Student Teacher
Designing and implementing curriculum for a mixed Junior U.S. History course, a Freshman honors World History class and a lower-level Sophomore European History class.



Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Cambridge, MA
Massachusetts teaching program for high school Social Studies certification (January, 1990).

Harvard College. B.A. cum laude in Social Studies, 1989. Cambridge, MA
Magna cum laude received for senior thesis on gender and education. National Merit scholarship winner. Class of 1944 Memorial Scholar (June, 1989).

Henry M. Gunn High School. Class of 1985. Palo Alto, CA
Bank of America Award in Social Studies. A.P. U.S. History, A.P. Spanish, A.P. Biology, A.P. Physics, B.C. Calculus. Editor-in-chief of school literary magazine, track team, drama (June, 1985).



Arizona Social Studies with Middle School endorsement
Massachusetts lifetime Social Studies
California Social Studies



Parabolic Press. Stanford, CA
Web Page Designer
Created web site (http://www-leland.stanford.edu/~vandyke/) for this publisher (summer, 1995).

Customer Service, Marketing and Miscellaneous
Managed this business, including all correspondence and contract negotiations (summer, 1991). Processing phone and written orders, packing and shipping book orders (March, '90-January, '92).

American Association of University Women (AAUW). Menlo Park, CA
Freelance Desktop Publishing
Produced this organization's monthly newsletter using PageMakerª (fall, '90 &endash; spring, '91).

Dance Collective of Boston. Boston, MA
Freelance Desktop Publishing
Produced this professional dance company's newsletter using PageMakerª (spring, 1990).



Web Pages (HTML, Claris Home Page, Netscape Communicator, Animation); Desktop Publishing (PageMaker, PhotoShop); Networking (LocalTalk, Windows NT, some Novell, some TCP/IP and topography); Digital Imaging (scanning, digital photography, digital video &emdash; Avid Videoshop); Business Applications (ClarisWorks, Word, Excel, PowerPoint); Operating Systems (Macintosh, Windows NT/98/95, some UNIX); Typing: 60-90 WPM.

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