Christopher Van Dyke

I'm one of the technology trainers for Educational Technology in the Tucson Unified School District. My official title is "Technology Integration Specialist" and my role is to train teachers both in software and ways to use hardware/software to enhance their teaching activities.

I support technology use by teachers in TUSD's along with the rest of the staff in the Educational Technology Department. I'm an advocate of teacher choice when it comes to technology -- whatever hardware and software is cheapest, easiest, and most effective at improving teacher and student performance. I happily support instruction using the oldest Macintosh computers to the newest, as well as PC's running Windows and Linux.

Some of the projects I work on include a "Faves in Fives" website of top websites, working with our district Techs, and other projects.

I formerly taught the Technology Program at Magee Middle School.  For more, take a look at my Friendster profile.  


Telnet to the old Public Education BBS (telnet://
to experience a text-only BBS running on the Internet (back online 9/6/02).

For a few years this BBS ran on a Macintosh LC II at Magee Middle School and handled student Internet e-mail, dialing on a phone line to exchange mail.

People always want to see my brothers and me (I'm an identical triplet) so here's my family! Also, here is my resume.


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If you want the machine to work for you, go with the Mac."

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